Learn about the benefits of our agents

ITAR has developed a model that seeks to train and group the best Real Estate Agents in Santander, not only turning them into the true protagonists of the real estate business but also accruing the highest percentage of the sales and leasing commissions that they generate for a real estate agency.

We work under the Tip System typical of MLS environments, where the job of capturing a property (50%) is just as important as getting the buyer (50%) and where our agents are aware of the importance of teamwork to be really effective.

The ITAR model not only offers you the possibility of exploiting your maximum potential but also of earning up to 80% of the commissions generated by your business; something never seen before in Santander making it even more profitable for the Agent than working independently. Besides money, 7 reasons to join ITAR:


ITAR, creates Real Estate Agents, our COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING MODEL will turn you into an integral Real Estate Agent with sufficient capabilities to close any real estate business.


ITAR covers your advertising expenses, TAR covers your Marketing Plan by offering your properties on Premium, national and international portals, social networks, MLS, Facebook ads, etc.


ITAR is a company affiliated with the Real Estate Exchange of Santander and therefore gives you access to the MLS SANTANDER by granting you an account for personal use and access to the real estate agent chat of the MLS SANTANDER.


ITAR offers you a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) account where you can manage your client portfolio, manage your schedule, control your marketing plan and integrate with the main Colombian markets.


ITAR offers you legal and tax support with unlimited consultations for your business closings.


ITAR offers you Mentoring, we have two experienced mentors, our Managing Broker and our Broker Owner, with more than 18 years of experience in the real estate sector and more than five years of experience in training and mentoring processes for thousands of real estate agents in Colombia. and in the state of Florida (USA), ready to guide you in any of your closings when you require it.


ITAR offers you an office with reception of correspondence, telephones, computer and printing equipment, internet and a meeting room for the closing of your business located in an exclusive area of Bucaramanga where you can always meet your clients physically or virtually.